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PantryPal: save food, save money

About PantryPal

PantryPal is an app that allows you to fully organise the food in your cupboards, refridgerators, and freezer. You can scan the barcode of the product the regester it in the food index, and add an expiration date for the item. The app will remind you of these expiration dates throught notifications, and will give you plenty of time to eat the food in question. PantryPal will also search for recipe engredients in your inventory, and will suggest these meals to the user.

Where to Purchase PantryPal

PantryPal is currently available on the Apple App Store, and will soon be available on the Google Play Store. It costs $1.99 on both platforms, and the upgrade to a premium account costs $0.99. Upgrading to a premium account is only necessary once you need to take inventory of over 150 food items, and does not visually change the website in any way.